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LensLock is a mobile technology company offering the latest innovation in body worn cameras. LensLock’s BWC solution provides a blend of reliability, high-quality video, advanced features, and innovative accessories all backed by world-class technical support and customer service.


LensLock’s in-car product includes a 4-channel mobile DVR box with up to 2 TB of storage, GPS, 4G and WiFi, and several offloading options. In addition to the up to 3 high-definition cameras, your department can customize the solution with a LCD monitor or run the software directly on your in-car computer.


Secure data storage is at the core of everything we do at LensLock. Our CJIS-compliant cloud storage and enriched technology platform provide agencies peace of mind by safely managing mission critical data, and evidence is accessible from any device around the clock for complete scene reconstruction.

Our Strategic Advantage

Microsoft Azure Government Cloud is one of our strategic market advantages.

More and more government agencies are realizing the benefits of cloud computing. The most trusted cloud for US government agencies and their partners is Microsoft Azure Government Cloud.

Leveraging experience drawn from hundreds of successful Azure Infrastructure deployments, our Azure cloud experts are empowered with mission-built tools, automation frameworks, audited processes, and proven best practices.

We simplify moving and thriving in the cloud by helping you rapidly deploy and migrate your infrastructure workloads for compute, network and storage to Microsoft Azure with minimal risk and downtime, while assuring high performance, security, compliance and cost control.

Only US federal, state, local, and tribal governments and their partners have access to this dedicated instance that is operated by screened US citizens.

What Our Clients Say About Us

We were very pleased to find a partner like LensLock. The cost to our department was extremely affordable when you take into consideration the level of service, body worn camera technology and unlimited data storage plan they provide. The money we save and technology we’ve implemented with LensLock will positively impact the service we provide to our community.

Sheriff Kenneth ElganEsmeralda County Sheriff’s Office

Due to the fact that we have these body worn cameras by LensLock, it’s really upped the trust with the community itself.

Officer Kevin MortonBroadmoor Police Department

It’s one thing to hear a company say they’re committed to customer service but seeing and experiencing it first hand with LensLock gave me piece of mind. Not only could they help overcome our technology hurdles, they walked with us every step of the way. We were treated like a real business partner even before we became a client. Once we made the decision to implement LensLock’s body worn cameras, that same high level of service continued which was refreshing in this day and age. I knew then that we didn’t make a good choice, we made a great choice in selecting our long-term mobile strategy partner.

Sergeant Matt KirklandEsmeralda County Sheriff’s Office

LensLock lets us put the citizen behind the badge.

Corporal Rey PagariganBroadmoor Police Department

Body Cams

Video evidence captured in the field is backed by LensLock’s state-of-the-art camera technology

LensLock offers the latest innovations in body-worn cameras and in-car video. The commitment to excellence is evident in our suite of mobile technologies and strategic partnerships with industry leaders like Microsoft. LensLock provides the latest technology, world-class technical support and level of customer service that exceeds expectations. LensLock’s body-worn cameras offer automatic video offload, 8 hours of continuous record, one-button record, wide-angle lens, up to 1296P super HD video, secure encryption for unauthorized access, and are both waterproof and shockproof. In addition, LensLock is committed to working with your current camera supplier to secure your digital evidence moving forward.

LensLock Customers