Other Components

Below you will find some of our camera accessories.

Button Camera

Smaller camera connects to BWC via USB cord and allows for alternate mounting positions. Note: Video captured via this lens will be at a lower resolution than the regular lens.

Garment Mount

Can be connected directly to garments (shirt, vest, etc.) via 4 small screws.

Magnetic Plate

This mount accessory uses extremely strong Neodymium magnets that offer additional stability to the LensLock BWC. This accessory also offers additional mounting positions (left upper chest, right upper chest, center mass, etc).

Molle\Belt Clip

Mount designed to integrate with the Molle System, as used on garments, kit bags, etc. Can also be used as a belt clip/mount.

Suction Cup Mount

This mount turns BWC into a makeshift dash camera and can be mounted on both the vehicle dash or windshield.

Waterproof Sleeve

These mounts are specifically designed for extreme weather and underwater environments. They are very easy to load and seal in seconds. The cameras can be used normally while in the sleeve.


Shoulder piece designed to attach BWC to garments (shirt, vest, etc).

Chest Harness

The harness mount is designed to be worn over or under garments (shirt, vest, etc). When worn under garments, the camera lens is accessible through a garment’s open button.