Advanced Law Enforcement Video Solutions That Help Law Enforcement Agencies Build Trust and Save Money.

Body-Worn Cameras

Video evidence captured in the field is backed by LensLock’s state-of-the-art camera technology

LensLock offers the latest innovations in body-worn cameras. We are proud to partner with the top camera manufacturers in the industry to deliver the highest quality, advanced features, and world-class technical support and customer service. LensLock’s body-worn cameras offer automatic video offload, 8 hours of continuous record, one-button record, wide-angle lens, up to 1296P super HD video, secure encryption for unauthorized access, and are both waterproof and shockproof. In addition, LensLock is committed to working with your current camera supplier to secure your digital evidence moving forward.

In-Car Video

Video evidence captured inside the vehicle is backed by LensLock’s state-of-the-art camera technology

LensLock offers the latest innovations in dash camera video solutions. LensLock’s in-car product includes a 4-channel mobile DVR box with up to 2 TB of storage, GPS, 4G and WiFi, and several offloading options. In addition to the up to 3 high-definition cameras, your department can customize the solution with a 7-inch LCD monitor or run the software directly on your in-car computer. Up to 6 recording triggers allow your department to record when you want, not when you don’t. LensLock is committed to working with your current fleet management manager to ensure your patrol vehicles capture the digital evidence you need.


Microsoft Azure Government Cloud is Perfect for Mission Critical Applications

Microsoft Azure Government Cloud is one of LensLock’s strategic market advantages. More and more government agencies are realizing the benefits of cloud computing. The most trusted cloud for US government agencies and their partners is Microsoft Azure Government Cloud. Only US federal, state, local, and tribal governments and their partners have access to this dedicated instance that is operated by screened US citizens.

Body-Worn Camera Docking Stations

Easy to use, durable and reliable docking stations from LensLock

The data your officers capture in the field is valuable and could mean the world of difference when presented as evidence in court. Capturing the video is only part of the process. Securely storing and transferring that data is just as important. Making that process easy, reliable and affordable is LensLock’s mission. Find out how LensLock’s body-worn camera docking solutions can help your law enforcement organization today!