Edit, Share and Manage Evidence With Ease

Administrators set access permissions for the system. Search by case number to access all stored evidence related to a specific case.

Officers can edit video details such as encounter type and add notes. Because LensLock offers a TRUE unlimited data plan, evidence can be stored as long as you need it, or longer.

Every time a video or still image file is accessed, it is logged for chain of custody. The log will show if any data had been redacted as well as the date, time, and user that accessed the files.

Files can be shared with options that tag the specific spot to be reviewed or in view mode only, prohibiting any edits or other changes.

LensLock Evidence Management System

Get powerful and secure case management and efficiency tools with the LensLock Evidence Management System. This state-of-the-art system redacts sensitive or personally identifiable information such as faces, tattoos, license plates, etc. and makes it easy for officers to download, share, and annotate crucial evidence.

The system also eliminates data silos and with smooth playback and intuitive search, makes it easy to connect and manage evidentiary data including video, still photos, documents and more.

LensLock Evidence Management System Key Capabilities

With LensLock, redaction is simple. Facial recognition is used to display each person in the video. The user selects which faces to redact. Users can also redact distinctive tattoos, license plates, and audio data such as names or other personal details.

Video can be sorted in many ways, including by date and time or encounter type. Third-party video (e.g. from a bystander or a security camera at a nearby business) can be uploaded to the system and attached to the associated case, even from a remote location.

Specific spots in the video can be bookmarked, and playback can be synchronized to present a multi-dimensional view.

Secure Cloud Storage

All LensLock solutions use the secure and CJIS-FBI compliant cloud storage offered by the Microsoft Azure Government Cloud. Only US federal, state, local, and tribal governments and their partners have access to this dedicated cloud that is operated by screened US citizens.

LensLock helps law enforcement agencies simplify moving to the cloud with a rapid deployment and migration infrastructure for computer, network and storage. This minimizes risk and downtime, while assuring high performance, security, compliance, quality, and cost effectiveness.

Leveraging experience drawn from hundreds of successful Azure deployments, our Azure cloud experts support you with mission-built tools, automation frameworks, audited processes, and proven best practices.